Barracks Map Sources

The Barracks Map shows the location of over 270 Irish barracks sites used during the eighteenth-century. These ranged in size from the huge Royal (later Collins) Barracks in Dublin to much smaller establishments like Blackbank built to accommodate no more than a single company of foot.

We have used the following lists of barracks to identify the sites shown on the map. We plan on incorporating more sources in future so we are very keen to hear from anybody who has located any further barrack lists which might help us identify where each eighteenth-century barracks was located and for how long they were used for their original purpose.

Sources (in chronological order):

Relevant Year: 1704
Source ID: IS1955
Full reference: Jackson, R. Wyse, ‘Queen Anne’s Irish Army Establishment in1704’, in Irish Sword, i, (1949-52), pp. 133-35.

Relevant Year: 1714
Source ID: FLEMING2010
Full reference: Fleming, David, Politics and provincial people: Limerick and Sligo, 1691-1761 (Manchester, 2010).

Relevant Year: 1716
Source ID: TNA1716
Full reference: ‘A list of employments civil and military in the kingdom of Ireland’, 1716, TNA PRO 30/26/60.

Relevant Year: 1720
Source ID: GEO1720
Full reference: Petty, William, A geographical description of the kingdom of Ireland, newly corrected (London, 1720).

Relevant Year: 1725
Source ID: BL1725
Full reference: ‘A List of Barracks 4 March 1725’ (British Library, Tyrawley papers, Add MS 23,636, f. 17).

Relevant Year: 1726
Source ID: BL1726
Full reference: ‘Scheme for the quarters of the army, 1726’ (BL Tyrawley Papers Add MS 23636, f. 33).

Relevant Year: 1733
Source ID: QAI1733
Full Reference: Quarters of the army in Ireland for anno 1733 (Dublin, 1733).

Relevant Year: 1752
Source ID: FLEMING2010
Full Reference: Fleming, David, Politics and provincial people: Limerick and Sligo, 1691-1761 (Manchester, 2010).

Relevant Year: 1759
Source ID: ANDREWS1997
Full Reference: Andrews, J. H., Shapes of Ireland: Maps and their Makers, 1564-1839 (Dublin, 1997).

Relevant Year: 1769
Source ID: IS1955
Full Reference: ‘Note on Quarters of the Army in Ireland, 1769′ in Irish Sword, Vol. ii, no. 7 (1955) pp 230-231.

Relevant Year: 1784
Source ID: NLI1784
Full Reference: ‘Scheme for new quarters, May 1784’ (NLI Kilmainham Papers, Ms 1007, f. 27).

Relevant Year: 1813
Source ID: HCPP1813
Full Reference: Accounts relating to the barracks in Ireland; 1812-13 (237) VI.709.

Relevant Year: 1822
Source ID: HCPP1822
Full Reference: Barracks, Ireland. A return of the names of places where barracks and barrack establishments are kept for the army in Ireland; 1822 (291) XVIII.433.


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