Major update to Barracks Map – Apr. 2015

We have recently updated the barracks map to include barracks listed in the following sources:

Relevant Year: 1784
Source ID: NLI1784
Full Reference: ‘Scheme for new quarters, May 1784′ (NLI Kilmainham Papers, Ms 1007, f. 27).

Relevant Year: 1813
Source ID: HCPP1813
Full Reference: Accounts relating to the barracks in Ireland; 1812-13 (237) VI.709.

Relevant Year: 1822
Source ID: HCPP1822
Full Reference: Barracks, Ireland. A return of the names of places where barracks and barrack establishments are kept for the army in Ireland; 1822 (291) XVIII.433.

As a result, over 100 new barracks sites have been included in the map. For the most part, the specific location of these barracks has not been pinpointed precisely on our map. If you have information that would assist us in improving the accuracy of our map, please click here to get in touch with us.

Each source we have used for the map provides details of barracks active at a particular point in time and this information is now represented on our map as a series of interactive map layers. Click here for a full list of sources used in the map or click here to explore the updated barracks map.