Eighteenth-Century Ireland Annual Conference, June 2014

June 2014
Location: Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society Annual Conference, Armagh.

The Project team organised a panel entitled ‘Mapping the Eighteenth-Century Irish State – Boroughs, Barracks and Taxation’ featuring the following presentations:

    • Speaker: Ivar McGrath
      Lecture Title: ‘So many little military-colleges scattered up and down the country: ‘Mapping the country-wide network of permanent residential barracks in eighteenth-century Ireland’.
    • Speaker: Patrick Walsh
      Lecture Title: ‘Who paid what, where and how? Mapping Irish revenue collection and its discontents, 1690-1783′.
    • Speaker: Eamon O’Flaherty
      Lecture Title: ‘Urban community or oligarchy: Irish boroughs in the long eighteenth century’.