The commencement of the building of a countrywide network of barracks in Ireland in the late 1690s was a wholly new and innovative approach to dealing with the age-old problem of maintaining a standing army in both peace and wartime. The only other European country to have developed a similar network at this time was France.

The Irish model was to set the example for the rest of the British empire as the eighteenth century unfolded, as the usefulness and utility of such residential military complexes became more apparent to both the state and the general public. However, the impact of these barracks and their occupants upon eighteenth-century Ireland, and their role in initiating change in all of those spheres at a local and national level, have not been investigated. 

The first phase of the Army Barracks of Eighteenth-Century Ireland project involves the compiling of an online database and mapping of all barracks built in Ireland from 1690 through to 1815. The second involves carrying out research on a wide range of primary and secondary sources that will provide further insight into the impact of the barracks and their occupants.

This podcast from Ivar McGrath, recorded for, introduces the Irish Army Barracks Project.


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